PI-Filter compensator for LQG controller aimed to fixed-wings aircrafts


  • Alida Ortiz Universidad Nacional de San Juan San Juan, Argentina
  • María del Carmen Claudio Inmersoft Technologies




PI-LQG, Fixed-wing aircraft, FlightGear


Fixed-wing aircraft use their wings to generate lift and propulsion, relying on forward motion for airflow rather than rotating blades like helicopters. They offer advantages such as extended range, higher speeds, stability in turbulent weather, and lower operational costs compared to rotary-wing aircraft. A study introduces a method to improve control smoothness for fixed-wing aircraft using LQG control and PI filter compensation. Flight simulators like FlightGear are used for testing control algorithms before real-world experiments, offering realistic flight dynamics and versatile options for various aircraft types. This approach provides a cost-effective and efficient way to develop and test controllers for challenging flight scenarios.


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Ortiz, A., & Claudio, M. del C. (2024). PI-Filter compensator for LQG controller aimed to fixed-wings aircrafts. International Journal of Engineering Insights, 2(1), 17–25. https://doi.org/10.61961/injei.v2i1.15




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